Quality security environment

The two Tréfilunion sites have been ISO 9001 certified for many years and aim to obtain ISO 14001 and 45001 certifications.



Our wish is to guarantee our customers complete satisfaction with our products and delivery times. Our Quality Management system is focused on the performance of our industrial process. All our products are subject to significant internal controls throughout the production chain but also externally.

We have set up a quality assurance system approved by international certification bodies, and the next major objective is to obtain certification for our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment integrated management system.

This strong commitment to Quality constitutes a guarantee of traceability, reproducibility and reliability for our customers. To this should be added multiple approvals which confirm our know-how; you can download the various product and system approval certificates below.


Image by Ziaur Chowdhury from Pixabay


“What cannot be done safely must not be done”. Such is the rule. Nothing and no one can deviate from it. Metallurgy is an industrial environment with many moving machines, handling equipment, work at height, heavy loads… So many reasons to be vigilant so that each employee, whether he operates on the Commercy or Sainte Colombe, may return home at the end of his post in good health.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


At Tréfilunion, one of the pillars of our policy is to preserve the planet and do everything possible to ensure that our impact on it is as small as possible. It is this desire that drives us to work on obtaining the triple Quality – Safety – Environment certification. Search for innovative solutions both for manufacturing and for an ever-increasing share of green energy, strict control of our discharges into the natural environment, reduction of our consumption and waste, compliance with national regulations: all these areas of progress , each Tréfilunion employee is regularly made aware of this.